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Post-Graduation Report: Frequently Asked Questions
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How many of the graduates responded?

By grad year:
2015-2016: 62%
2014-2015: 58%
2013-2014: 60%
2012-2013: 60%
2011-2012: 57.2%
2010-2011: 57%
2009-2010: 63%
2008-2009: 69%
2007-2008: 69%
2006-2007: 73.7%
2005-2006: 59%
2004-2005: 56%
2003-2004: 56%

Numbers and percentages vary by college.
2015-2016 response:
By colleges
When do most of the academic year's grads finish?
December grads generally account for 16-18% of the total.
May grads constitute the majority, with 72-74%.
Those who complete degree requirements in summer (session I or II) are the smallest percentage: 9-10%.
Who employs the most graduates?
The simple and most accurate answer is "not one or even several."
Responding employed graduates have reported 700+ to 1000+ employers per graduation cohort.
  For 13 years, from 136 to 270+ graduates have stated they are employed but have not provided their employing organizations.
The most frequently reported employers — those reported by six or more grads — have ranged in number from 21 to 49, and have accounted for 19% to 37% of all responding employed grads.
So the remaining 600-900+ employers were reported by the majority — 63% to 81% — of the employed grads.
> In annual reports view list of employers most-frequently cited by graduates — those employing five or more responding graduates.
> See multi-year summaries to view employers most-reported by employed grads.
> In annual reports view sortable list of ALL employing organizations, showing undergrad major, job titles, locations.
Can I get contact names for the employers of graduates?
We do not ask graduates for this information when they complete the survey.
Three resources you may find helpful, depending on your purposes:
> See the sortable list of ALL employing organizations. This shows undergrad major, employing org., job title, and locations. Each organization name is linked to a Google search. This is our extra effort to provide you a way to learn more about these organizations.
> Employers who actively recruit at Virginia Tech and who choose to list contact information for students do so through their recruiting activities. We provide Hokies4Hire for employers to submit information and for students to access that information. See how to access Hokies4Hire. However, it is very important to note that graduates of Virginia Tech do not limit themselves to employment with only those employers who actively recruit on the campus.
> Virginia Tech graduates can serve as professional networking contacts for other Hokies through Hokie Nation Network and LinkedIn, sponsored by the Virginia Tech alumni Association.
Where do most graduates go to continue education?
Responding grads who reported continuing education (over 13 years, N range = 555-933) have reported 119 to 190 institutions.
Each year, typically over 100 graduates (typically 13-17% of those continuting education) do not report their institution.
The most-reported institution for all 13 years has been Virginia Tech.
Over 200 to 325 grads per year report continuing education at Virginia Tech as their first destination after the undergraduate degree.
The second-most reported institution for all 13 years has been VCU.
Over 25 to almost 60 grads per year report VCU as their first destination after the undergrad degree.
See multi-year summaries to view schools reported by ≥4 grads continuing education.
A very small percentage of responding graduates reporting continuing education reported institutions abroad (0.8% to 2.34%). The rest are in 29-35 states and the District of Columbia.
> In each annual report you can view the list of schools most-reported by grads continuing education — this shows the number of grads who reported each of those instutitions.
How many and what percent pursue certain types of degrees, like master's, law, medicine, etc.?
  Of the 22-27% of respondents who report continuing education, the majority (59-65%) are pursuing master's degrees. So out of all graduates (respondents), each year about 13-18% pursue a master's degree as their first destination after the undergraduate degree. And out of all grads, each year about 2-4% pursue a medical degree directly following the undergrad degree.
  For breakdown indicating percentages pursuing master's degrees, medical degrees, law, D.V.M., an additional bachelor's degree, etc., see numbers / percents attending graduate or professional school.
  The default view is for the whole university, but you can opt to view a particular college or major.
Where do grads of each undergrad MAJOR go, and what GRADUATE DEGREES are they pursuing?
> In the academic-year report: view sortable list of ALL graduate institutions, showing undergraduate major, and grad degrees being pursued by those who are continuing education. You will see some "(not provided)" and blank text fields where individual respondents did not provide information.
When will the next report be done?
The survey for each academic-year-cohort closes in mid-November. The data is examined and compiled during December and January. The 2015-2016 grads' survey closed for the May and Summer I/II 2016 grads on November 15, 2016, and the report on those grads is being placed online during January 2017.
Can I look at the survey raw data?
Career and Professional Development, in conducting the survey, gives graduates our word that individual responses are kept confidential and are not published or disclosed to anyone. Therefore, we will not share the raw data.
I have additional questions that are not answered in the report. Whom can I contact?
Please call Career and Professional Development at 540-231-6241 or email Catherine Copeland at
In email, please include your full name and affiliation, and please include a subject line that indicates that you have a question about the Post-Graduation Report. We are very happy to assist you in navigating the report and finding information you seek.
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