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“Recommenders” are individuals who have been asked by an applicant and who have agreed to write a letter of recommendation [LOR] for an applicant.

On behalf of our students, THANK YOU for being willing to write a letter of recommendation [LOR].

Please note as of May 28, 2015, Health Professions Advising no longer requires letters of recommendations for the HPEC process, and no longer participates with veCollect. Instead HPA requires that students / applicants submit a completed assessment form as part of their HPEC interview application.

Students now manage their own collection of their Letters of Recommendation that go to the health professional schools through other means, including their Centralized Application Service and other confidential document services, such as Interfolio.

Writing & submitting letters of recommendation [LORs]

Ideal recommendations for applicants reflect extremely strong confidence and trust in the applicant's promise as a health professional. Below are a few tips for recommenders:

  • Please keep letter to one page.
  • Reference letters must be on letterhead, dated and with a signature.
  • Review a copy of the student’s personal statement, resume and other components of folder.
  • State relationship with applicant, include in what capacity known, how long, and how well you know her/him.
  • Choose two to three qualities you have observed in the applicant providing specific instances in which he/she demonstrated these attributes.
  • Try to quantify the student's strengths or rank her/him in comparison to other applicants whom you have observed.
  • Be as concrete and detailed as possible. Avoid generalities, platitudes and long complicated discussions.
  • Discuss the applicant’s potential in his or her chosen field. Compare applicant’s academic performance and potential to that of his/her peers and students pursuing graduate study.
  • Consider discussing the applicant as related to the AAMC Core Competencies for Interprofessional Collaborative Practice.

Conclude with an overall recommendation statement – such as recommend without reservation, highest recommendation, recommend with reservation, etc. If willing, offer to provide further information by phone.

Again, we THANK YOU, on behalf of our students pursuing admission to health professional schools.