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For each specific health profession, below find career information resources, professional education and admission basics, recommended undergraduate coursework and other preparation, and advising resources.

  Career information, professional education required Undergraduate coursework  
    Effective with the 2014-2015 Undergraduate Course Catalog, some Math courses may have different course numbers than listed in these documents. For concerns or clarification, please consult your advisor.
Also note that PSYC 2004 is now PSYC 1004.
1 Allopathic Medicine (docx) Allopathic prep/undergrad coursework (pdf)
2 Athletic Training Athletic Training prep/undergrad coursework (pdf)
3 Chiropractic Medicine (docx) Chiropractic prep/undergrad coursework (docx)
4 Clinical Lab Sciences Clinical Lab Sciences prep/undergrad coursework (pdf)
5 Dentistry (docx) Dentistry prep/undergrad coursework (pdf)
6 M.D. / Ph.D. combined degree programs (docx)  
7 Nursing (docx) Nursing prep/undergrad coursework (pdf)
8 Occupational Therapy (docx) Occupational Therapy prep/undergrad coursework (pdf)
9 Optometry (docx) Optometry prep/undergrad coursework (pdf)
10 Osteopathic Medicine (docx) Osteopathic prep/undergrad coursework (pdf)
11 Pharmacy (docx) Pharmacy prep/undergrad coursework (pdf)
12 Physical Therapy (docx) Physical Therapy prep/undergrad coursework (pdf)
13 Physician Assistant (docx) Physician Assistant prep/undergrad coursework (pdf)
14 Podiatric Medicine (docx) Podiatric Medicine prep/undergrad coursework (pdf)
15 Public Health (docx)
Public Health prep/undergrad coursework (in development)
16 Veterinary Medicine: AAVMC [American Association of Veterinary Medical Colleges] information for students, applicants & advisors has complete information including "Prerequisite Chart."