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“Advisees” are students who have either indicated an interest in a health profession and are preparing towards this goal, or are still exploring such a career. Advisees may be in any academic level from freshman to senior.

On this page:
1. Subscribe to HPA blog
2. Explore health careers
3. HPA info sessions
4. Academic help
5. HPA 10-minute walk-in advising
6. Health Professions Advising Hub (Canvas)
7. HPA appointments
8. Academic advising

For students interested in exploring health professional careers

1 Subscribe to the HPA blog!
  This will keep you updated on events, resources and what to do when.
2 Explore health care careers

Health Professions Advising recommends these resources to learn about and prepare for health care careers. Read these prior to attending an information session or requesting an Scholar eFolder, and consult these resources as you have questions throughout your process of preparing for professional school.

  1. Explore Health Careers. org assists you in exploration about the wide variety of available health careers.
  2. National Institutes of Health Office of Science Education > Life Works: Explore health & medical science careers.

Optional resources:

  1. Careers in Medicine class: 1-credit | A-F graded | fall semesters only | open to any interested VT student. A variety of health professionals and admissions officers speak to the class about careers, preparation and admission processes.
  2. Uncertain about health professions and whether this is the path for you?
    Call our office during office hours. Our staff will help you determine the best next step for advising.
3 Health Professions Advising information sessions
Attend prior to joining the Health Professions Advising Hub (Canvas).
  Schedule Sessions | For whom | What | When

See events for HPA sessions. Under agenda you can select to view only HPA.

HPA 101: General Information Session
For: Any student potentially interested in health professions.
What: General information about Health Professions Advising, our services, and the path to gain entrance to a health professional school.
When: We prefer that freshmen and sophomores attend HPA 101 before meeting with an HPA advisor. This is not required; however, you will benefit more in our one-on-one meeting if you have attended HPA 101 first.

HPA 202: The Competitive Applicant
For: Students who wish to apply to a Health Professional School in the next two years.
What: Gain more knowledge on the application process and HPA committee letter process.
When: We prefer that you attend HPA 202 before meeting with an HPA advisor so that our time can be spent more effectively in your one-on-one meeting.

4 Become familiar with academic and other essential preparation


Academic preparation:
Although the majority of health professions students major in a science field, it is not required.
See health professions undergraduate preparation, which includes undergraduate coursework requirements for each medical/health profession.
Coursework for majors: your academic department.
Undecided / major-undeclared students receive academic advising through University Studies.

Academic assistance at Virginia Tech:
Academic study skills assistance through the Cook Counseling Center
Tutoring through the Student Success Center
Math tutoring through the Department of Mathematics private tutoring and tutoring lab
Writing guidance through the Writing Center

Preparing to be competitive:
How to be successful in preparing for professional school (docx)
Undergraduate timeline
Professionalism: HPA expects advisees and applicants to exhibit professional conduct and behavior.
Admissions exams explained

Undergraduate and summer research & study opportunities:
These kinds of opportunities are strongly encouraged both to give you exposure to topics of interest and to strengthen your application.
Opportunites at Virginia Tech and other institutions.

Extra-curricular preparation:
Volunteering & service opportunities, local & international (docx)
Shadowing health professionals (docx)

Still uncertain about health professions and whether this is the path for you?
Call our office during office hours. Our staff will help you determine the best next step for advising.

5 10-minute walk-in advising for HPA questions

HPA 10-minutes walk-in advising @ Smith Career Center
Fall and spring semesters, every Wednesday 1:00-3:30 pm when academic classes are in session.

When you check in, please indicate you are seeking HPA assistance (because we have other walk-in advising at the same time!).

This is for any student with quick questions or who would like to go over your self-evaluation.
Students with complex situations may be asked to schedule an appointment with the HPA staff.

6 Join the Health Professions Advising Hub (Canvas)
After attending a group information session.


Request to join the HPA Hub (Canvas)
Complete the Health Professions Advising Hub request.
Please allow up to ten days for processing of this request.

Once you are added to the HPA Hub course:
Download the HPA Student Advising Packet from the Student Advising Packet assignment (details on the HPA Hub (Canvas).
After completing the Advising Packet, you may go to the next item, scheduling an appointment.

7 To schedule an individual HPA appointment


After completing item 6, you may call our office during office hours to request a Health Professions Advising appointment.
(We are not able to schedule advising appointments via email.)
Business casual attire is encouraged for your HPA advising meetings; please see business casual attire.

8 Schedule appointment with your academic advisor in your academic major department.


Once per semester. Follow procedures in your academic department to contact/schedule meetings with your academic advisor; schedule well in advance of course request to insure you are on track to complete courses needed.